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A Blind-Obsceniteez shirt is the Perfect conversation starter... "Hi, Can you guess what my shirt says?" (trust me, it works like magic, everyone laughs, everyone loves the concept and so will you)
*Results may vary if you ask your Pastor/Priest/Rabbi/Grandma 
Hey, What does
your shirt say?


No really,
what does it say?

It's "bullshit".

I'm sure you may
think it's bullshit
but I really want to
know what it says?

It's "bullshit".

I'm starting to get mad now. What does your shirt say?!?!

It says "bullshit" in Braille.  Anyway, What does
your shirt say?
Retail: $25.00
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Hey, don't call me names because you can't read braille. I just want to know what your shirt says.


Why are you so mean? What does your shirt say?

It says "asshole" in braille.


 Retail: $25.00
*Buy  now for just $20.00
(plus $5 s/h)
* see Specials

Well, I was really
getting upset there
for a minute. I was
about to tell you to
"fuck them".

Fuck them?

Yes, "fuck them".

Who is them?

Them ain't you.
Them is whomever
you want to say
fuck them to.
That's who them is.

Oh, THEM?...
Yeah "fuck them".

Retail: $25.00
*Buy  now for just $20.00
(plus $5 s/h)
* see Specials

Get Your
"bullshit", "asshole"
or "fuckthem"
Blind-Obsceniteez shirt today!


Oh, and by the way...
"Nice Tits and
Nice Ass"

Thanks... Asshole!

Retail: $35.00
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* see Specials


 Custom Orders upon request with $25 surcharge. Contact Us... If we like your suggestion,
I'm telling you up front that
I may use your idea, without restitution.


Let me ask you a question... Have you ever wanted to just cuss out someone in public or tell the world what you think or feel but felt like you couldn’t because you don’t want to offend people, get in a fight, or just get into a hassle with authorities? 

Well, now you can do exactly that with Blind-Obsceniteez and no one will know.  Well, you and I will know, but we can keep a secret.

How? Because Blind-Obsceniteez tee shirts are written in Braille! That’s right, we use the alphabet that was designed for sight-impaired people that allows them to recognize letters and words by a pattern of raised dots.

Most people may recognize the dots as being Braille, but almost 100% of them won’t have a clue to what the message on your shirt says. It will be our little secret.
It may even be a good joke gift.  How many people know the difference between "asshole" and "cool guy" when written in braille?

You can wear your Blind-Obsceniteez shirt with pride that you’re saying what you really want to and you won’t offend anyone. If someone asks you what it means, you can either tell them the truth or tell them something that won’t offend them. You can probably even wear this to a church picnic and they wouldn't know what it says.

And let me tell you... there is a uniquely guilty pleasure of power in wearing a Blind-Obsceniteez shirt that flaunts your outrage or outrageous attitude when no one else can read it.  Say what you want and still keep it a secret!

And even though these messages are written in Braille, even sight-impaired people won’t be able to read it since the dots aren’t raised like the type of Braille they are used to.  In fact, if they try to read your shirt, they may just think you’re an alcoholic since all they’ll be able to read is “AA” (unless you have 3 nipples, which would just make them think you're in the "AAA" auto club).

What do you want to tell the world? 

Each and every Blind-Obsceniteez tee-shirt is individually hand inked front and back with Eco-friendly ink and not by some production line machine, so each one is as unique as you.


Blind-Obsceniteez tee shirts are only $30 plus $5 shipping in the US. Buy now and get a $5 discount 
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